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Catered Gourmet Salads


Crisp, delicious salads served family style. A small bowl serves 8-12, a medium bowl serves 15-20 and a large bowl serves 20-30 people


Arugula Salad with Avocado

Arugula and fresh sliced avocados with citrus basil vinaigrette



Arugula Salad with Pine Nuts and Cranberries

Arugula with pine nuts, cranberries and red wine vinaigrette



Arugula Salad with Beets and Goat Cheese 

Arugula with house made red and yellow beets, goat cheese and creamy beet vinaigrette


Candied Walnut Gorgonzola Salad

Organic baby greens with house made candied walnuts and crumbled Gorgonzola blue cheese dressing



Caprese Salad 

Organic greens with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and balsamic dressing



Chef Salad

Romaine, turkey, ham, cheese, egg and tomato with ranch dressing



Chicken Caesar

Romaine, chicken breast, homemade croutons, shaved Parmesan and Caesar dressing



Chili Lime Slaw with Garlic Shrimp

Shredded cabbage with a spicy chili lime dressing topped with garlic shrimp



Chinese Chicken Salad

Mixed greens, chicken, peanuts, green onion, crispy noodles and homemade Chinese dressing



Classic Caesar

Romaine hearts, house made croutons, shredded Parmesan and house made Caesar dressing



Cobb Salad

Romaine, chicken breast, bacon, tomato, egg and blue cheese dressing



Garden Salad

Romaine, cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado, mushrooms, carrots and choice of dressing



Greek Salad

Romaine, feta cheese, kalamata olive, onion, tomatoes, pepperoncini, artichoke hearts and Italian dressing



Green Salad with Apples and Grapes

Mixed greens with sliced green apples and seedless grapes with raspberry vinaigrette


Heirloom tomatoes with Balsamic Reduction

Sliced Heirloom tomatoes drizzled with a balsamic reduction

$ market


Italian Garden Salad

Romaine hearts, tomatoes, cucumbers, pepperoncini, sliced onion with Italian dressing



Mixed Cabbage Slaw with Chili Lime Vinaigrette

Shredded cabbage slaw with spicy lime vinaigrette



Mozzarella Pine Nut Salad

Spring mix, fresh mozzarella, pine nuts, tomatoes, kalamata olives, green onion and creamy balsamic vinaigrette



Spring mix, albacore tuna, nicoisse olives, capers, green beans, tomato,

egg, potatoes and balsamic vinaigrette dressing



Organic Spring Mix with Prosciutto, Oranges and Nuts

Organic greens with thin sliced Prosciutto, sliced oranges and candied walnuts with honey mustard dressing


Southwest Salad

Romaine, corn, black beans, feta cheese, bell peppers and cilantro lime dressing



Spinach Salad

Baby spinach, tomato, egg, bacon, onion and poppyseed dressing



Spinach Salad with Orange, Peppers and Green Olives

Baby spinach with sliced oranges, red peppers, green olives and creamy balsamic dressing



Spinach Salad with Strawberries, Blue Cheese, Candied Walnuts and Blush Dressing

Baby spinach with sliced strawberries, crumbled blue cheese, candied walnuts and blush dressing



Spinach Salad with Grapes, Walnuts and Sliced Mushrooms

Baby spinach with seedless grapes, candied walnuts and sliced mushrooms with poppyseed dressing



Spring Mix Garden Salad

Organic spring mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, English cucumbers,mushrooms, carrots, avocado and choice of dressing



Steak & Spinach Salad

Baby spinach, sliced grilled steak, kalamata olives, caramelized onions, roasted red pepper, Gorgonzola and balsamic vinaigrette dressing



Summer Salad

Spring mix, dried apricots & cranberries, chicken breast, honey maple walnuts, Gorgonzola and honey mustard dressing




All prices subject to change without notice



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